Could the steel city shine for you

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Jessica Ennis-Hill (Olympic Champion)
    Sean Bean (Actor)
    Michael Palin (Writer/Presenter/Comedian)
    Jarvis Cocker (Musician)

  • Population: 552,698

    • About Sheffield

      Home to the Arctic Monkeys, Sean Bean and two fallen giants of the footballing world in Wednesday and United, Sheffield has come a long way from the grim image of the 70s and 80s.

      The ‘Steel City’ has seen massive investment from across Europe to what is now one of the most exciting cities in the north. This little fact is no secret in student world, with over 40,000 people coming together to study at one of the city’s two respected higher education institutions. 

      The older of the two is the University of Sheffield, with a history dating back into the 1800s and having full university status for over one hundred years. The uni is part of the White Rose Consortium (with the unis of Leeds and York), a partnership that combined has a greater research power than either of Cambridge or Oxford. 

      Sheffield Hallam is the younger uni, but with links and partnerships with companies like Sony, BP and Microsoft, they’re certainly making up for lost time. Sheffield is very much a student city (the ‘Uni of’ campus around the West end have turned the streets into an unofficial student village), and those that come here find student friendly deals and a nightlife others struggle to match. 

      The music scene has been particularly prominent in recent years, with the Arctic Monkeys and various other South Yorkshire bands clinging onto their coattails - bringing the Indie spotlight down onto the Steel city.

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      • The University of Sheffield


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      Interesting Facts

      • Sheffield is England greenest city - with more parks and woodlands than any other major city!

      • The city was supposedly built on seven hills - just like ancient Rome!

      • The Uni of Sheffield, as part of the White Rose Consortium, has a greater combined research power than that of either Oxford or Cambridge