Enjoy the space and outdoor lifestyle on the Sunset Coast.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Daniel Ricciardo (F1 Driver) Heath Ledger(Actor) Rob Swire (Music Producer)

  • Population: 1,958,912

    • About Perth

      As one of Australia's biggest cities, Perth is a major destination for international students accessing the cities four Universities. With over 2 million residents, Perth is spacious and like many Australian cities is well designed and laid out. 

      The urban sprawl is still very spacious and complimented by park land and water features including Swan Lake, resulting in a city with a more suburban feel. Due to Perth’s location on the Southern western coast it is well suited to outdoor activities, including sandy beaches and leafy parks. 

      Kings Park is just one of many green spaces throughout the city and is the location for Perth's Botanical Gardens. Walking and cycling is common place and the city has designated routes to accommodate. Known as the Sunset Coast, Perth has some of the best beaches in Australia and students can expect clear blue water for a range of water sport activities and a general beach life lifestyle. 

       Due to the locations of the city's universities, Perth's student scene has a very suburban feel however Perth has plenty to offer and the draw for students is high. Noted venues for dining out and clubbing include Northbridge which is situated in the city centre, other popular areas include suburban locations, Mt Lawley and Highgate. Should you decide to study in Perth you can expect the perfect backdrop to your education. Nature and urban life exist in perfect balance. 

      A big city with lots of open space and easy access to beaches and the great outdoors make Perth a real draw for home students and international students alike.

      Points of Interest

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      • City Centre
      • Curtin University
      • Edith Cowan University
      • University of Western Australia


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      Interesting Facts

      • Perth was nominated by U.S astronauts as the 'City' of Lights' – as it stood out as the brightest spot on earth

      • Perth has the highest per capita number of self-made millionaires of any city in the world

      • Perth Mint is the oldest mint in the world which still operates out of its original premises