Known locally as Rocky, history is alive and adventure awaits in Queensland’s oldest City

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Jason Day (Golfer)
    Bevan Slattery (Tech Entrepreneur)
    Wayne Blair (Actor & Director)

  • Population: 80,633

    • About Rockhampton

      As one of Queensland’s oldest cities, Rockhampton is a place of history and intrigue. 

      A city that has remained truly connected to its past. Known as the Beef Capital of Australia, the city’s farming industry runs strong throughout and the links to its aboriginal routes are strongly preserved and celebrated. 

       The Dreamtime Cultural Centre focusing on the it’s Aboriginal origins and the Rockhampton Heritage Village will not only educate you on the early beginnings of Rockhampton but larger parts of the entire country and is a must for all visitors. Rockhampton is also a modern and compact Australian city and provides an active and charming central business district. 

      The friendly locals refer to Rockhampton as Rocky and have seen their city grow into a great place to visit, work and live. Drenched in sunshine for large parts of the year, Rockhampton experiences an all-year round tourism pulse, with visitors coming here for access to the glorious nature and outdoor pursuits. 

      From abseiling and climbing in the beautiful and foreboding Capricorn Limestone caves , bushwalking on the Mount Archer Trail or simply taking a lazy ride on a House boat down the Fitzroy River, you will always be faced with a new challenge or adventure. 

      The nightlife here is well noted for being energetic, glamorous and vibrant. A city that knows how to work hard and play hard. Dominated by clubs, pubs and bars, in both the CBD and scattered along the coastal beaches Rockhampton is a true party city. Throw in the city’s casinos and live music venues and you have all the ingredients of a fun packed night. 

      For more low key activities the city boasts an excellent arts and crafts scene and the Pilbeam Theatre is a world leading venue, others to note include the Rockhampton City Art Gallery and the Walker Reid Art centre. Take a short walk around this city and you won’t fail to be impressed by the greenspaces and beautiful surroundings. From the waterfall in Cliff Kershaw Gardens to Mount Archer lookout above the city you will be inspired by the natural wonder here. In the centre, parks and picnic areas break up the urban sprawl and provide that perfect Australian city balance.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Rockhampton is known as the Beef Capital of Australia

      • Rockhampton experiences over 300 days of sunshine each year