Student life lives on in this Welsh Valley. The Hills are filled with fun and adventure.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Tom Jones (Musician)
    Neil Jenkins (Rugby)
    Sir David Lloyd Jones (Judge)

  • Population: 30,457

    • About Pontypridd

      A short ride from Cardiff, Pontypridd sits amongst typically Welsh valleys as the nearest town for the local campus of University of South Wales, The university campus is based in the tranquil ex-mining village of Treforest on the edge of Pontypridd, and has roughly 70 acres of neat and tidy campus across the rising side of the valley.

      Campus life is a comfortable, friendly affair, with over 21,000 students attracted to study there. The uni has a growing reputation in industry and is putting a lot of effort into learning resources, with e-learning a particular favourite for the institution. 

      The uni sports facilities have been used by celebrated sports sorts, ranging from the Cardiff City footballers to the world famous All Blacks, so quality is top notch! Pontypridd has a few pubs to keep minds away from study, though the real nightlife and entertainment is in the nearby capital Cardiff. 

      With a nightlife to match most places and only a 12 mile cab ride home, students travel in droves. With the opening of a £35 million School of Creative and Cultural Industries, the uni has a presence in the capital itself, adding to Cardiff’s increasingly arty and hip image.

      Points of Interest

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      • City Centre
      • University of South Wales


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      Interesting Facts

      • At the time of its construction in 1755, Pontypridd Bridge was the largest single-span stone bridge in the world. And remains impressively large to even the most ardent bridge critic.

      • Ponty is the town that gave us Tom Jones!

      • The Lost Prophets grew up in Ponty!