Newport (Wales)

Camelot and Kurt Cobain; surely we're not talking about Newport

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    David Davies (Politics)
    Tony Pulis (Football Manager)
    Darren Campbell (Athletics)

  • Population: 145,736

    • About Newport (Wales)

      Home to one of the factions of the University of South Wales, Newport sits on the opposite side of the Severn Estuary to Bristol, amidst some of the most attractive scenery in south Wales.

      With one of only a handful of the near unique ‘Transporter’ bridges still in working order, the city is well known as the ‘gateway to Wales’ and has plenty to offer students. When folklore talks of King Arthur and his infamous roundtable, Newport’s residents and in particular those of Caerleon (its little village neighbour) raise a smug smile, because this very area is supposedly the location of the fabled Camelot. 

      Not to be out done by the past, Newport is a progressive place with up to £2 billion of invested in development, and the uni spent 35 million on their new city centre campus on the banks of River Usk which opened in 2011 With a highly regarded Art, Media and Design School (so much so the Film School is thought of as one of the best in Britain), the uni is an appealing option to prospective students. 

      As the third biggest city in Wales, Newport has plenty going on in and around the area, with a lively nightlife and a great reputation for new music. The city’s venues have hosted numerous acts on their way up and fantastically – Kurt Cobain is supposed to have proposed to future wife and wild card rocker Courtney Love when her band Hole were touring here. Now, how many cities can rival that?

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      Interesting Facts

      • Myth and rumour suggest the ancient and probably made up Camelot was located in the neighbouring land to the uni!

      • The oldest pub (‘Ye Olde Murenger House’) dates right back to the Tudor times...

      • More recent rumours suggest this was the place where Kurt Cobain proposed to his rocker girlfriend Courtney Love!