London - Westminster

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Tom Hiddleston (Actor)
    Noel Fielding (Comedian)
    Kelly Osbourne (Music/Presenter)

  • Population: 219,396

    • About London - Westminster

      With some of the most famous an iconic imagery anywhere the in world, the City of Westminster borough is likely to be familiar with most.

      Whilst the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Queen’s home itself - Buckingham Palace - remain prominent in the area, living in the borough means they soon fall into the background of day-to-day life (although probably not for the Queen herself). 

      Surprisingly for some considering the wealth of sights and shopping in the district, Westminster has a large number of residents calling it home. The location right in the middle of London, close to pretty much everything worth going to, is certainly a big draw, with some of the best nightlife, theatre and cultural hotspots London has to offer. 

      Soho is notorious for its hedonistic delights; with bars, clubs and everything in between for the gay, straight or just plain curious revellers. Covent Garden has a host of the more traditional pubs as well as bars and some celeb hang outs, along with some of the best shopping anywhere in Europe. Leicester Square, however, is somewhat frowned upon by locals, with many seeing it as a tourist money trap... but without much effort it’s easy to find bars that are worth the tourist bustle.

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