London - Lambeth

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Simon Cowell (Music Producer)
    Tom Sturridge (Actor)
    Leslie Ash (Actress)

  • Population: 303,086

    • About London - Lambeth

      Lambeth is a cultural hotpot, with thriving ethnic markets selling interesting and obscure foods, as well as bargain goods both new and second hand.

      South London does not have the best reputation, and it’s sad but true that some areas fall into the ‘do not go’ category. Despite this, Lambeth can be an exciting place to live as soon as one learns to appreciate the grittier side of London living. Possibly the most well known area of Lambeth to non-Londoners will be Brixton, home to some of the best clubs, urban music and live venues in the country. The area’s dubious reputation precedes itself and caution is recommended in certain areas, but like many places across the city, popular areas have benefitted from the economic boost clubbers and visitors give and the area has seen notable improvement.

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