London - Hackney

All happening in Hackney with open spaces, market areas, clubs and restaurants

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Barbara Windsor (Actress)
    Ray Winston (Actor)
    Professor Green (Musician)

  • Population: 246,270

    • About London - Hackney

      With some of the more affordable rental prices around central London, the Hackney borough is a mixed bag of contrasting cultures, green park space and arty bars.

      With prices varying depending on which area you chose to live, there’s a differing feel to each part of it. Hackney has become known for housing some of the hip, edgier sides to the city, and the rush of money that this has brought has seen much redevelopment in the area. 

      The hip Shoreditch/Spitalfields market areas have seen new bars, restaurants and late night venues pour into the area chasing the ‘cool’ dollar. Some claim the area has lost something because of this, with the artistic element that brought notoriety to the area losing out to fashionistas and wannabes. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of buzz about the place and many still pack the bars around here most nights of the week. Unfortunately the area does suffer from some of the more unsavoury elements of 21st century living, and there are certain parts that should probably be avoided at night when possible.

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