Education at a Canter' - the chilled student lifestyle in beautiful Canterbury

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Jodie Kidd (Model)
    Orlando Bloom (Actor)
    Fiona Phillips (Broadcaster)

  • Population: 151,145

    • About Canterbury

      With a famous cathedral, Olde World architecture and busloads of tourists, Canterbury is a stunning city steeped in history and intrigue.

      Surrounded by the picturesque Kent countryside, Canterbury offers two higher education institutions for prospective students. Calling itself the UK’s very own ‘European University’, the University of Kent has established the first Franco-British University- working with universities across the English Channel to further their students’ education. 

      Courses at the uni have a strong international feel, with students encouraged to take opportunities to study in the USA and across Europe, and almost a quarter of undergraduate students include language units in their degrees. 

      The nearby Canterbury Christ Church University is a top provider of teacher training in the UK. The student community in the city is fairly self contained and friendly, with the higher than average number of American and European students giving the population an international feel. And while Canterbury maintains its quaint, idyllic image, it does however lack a cosmopolitanal feel that is expected from the first ‘European University’; however, there are plenty of pubs to create an adequate social life.

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      • City Centre
      • University for the Creative Arts
      • Canterbury Christ Church University
      • The University of Kent


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      Interesting Facts

      • The stunning Cathedral is only one of the gorgeous sights around the area, with Canterbury holding World Heritage site status

      • First established by the Romans 2,000 years ago, the Kentish cathedral city is best known for its long involvement in the religious, political and secular history.

      • Hollywood superstar Orlando Bloom was born in Canterbury...