A city of extraordinary cultural and historical wealth

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Judi Dench (Actress)
    Guy Fawkes (Traitor)
    Joseph Rowntree (Philanthropist)

  • Population: 198,051

    • About York

      With a different pub for everyday of the year and the towering Yorkshire Wheel, York is a tourist haven not to mention an academic heavyweight.

      The walled city is home to two universities, with the University of York based roughly a mile from the centre and the York St John University taking a more central location. 

      The University of York carries the bigger academic rep’, with glowing reviews across the board. Based around a collegiate system, students become members of one of eight colleges (seven undergraduate, one post graduate) which form the basis of student life. On the serious side of things this offers learning support and – for some – actual living space, and further to this gives a communal atmosphere, entertaining sporting rivalries between colleges and the perfect breeding ground for lifelong drinking buddies and friendships. 

      York St John University students get to enjoy views of the iconic city walls and York Minster, only a five minute stumble from the city’s shops, bars and lost American tourists. York living is a varied lot, with all the amenities a city can offer - with a coach load of tourism tat to send home to the folks as well. A heavy handful of clubs have nights to suit most tastes, and gig wise the city draws in the majority of touring bands of any decent size or hype.

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      • City Centre
      • York St John University
      • The University of York


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      Interesting Facts

      • York Minster is the largest medieval cathedral in Northern Europe

      • York claims to be the spookiest city in Europe, with more ghosts and haunted spots than anywhere else!

      • Remember, remember...one of the biggest names in popular history is Guy Fawkes - and the plotter was born and raised in York!