River rolling hills and glorious countryside complimented with sublime architecture give Worchester that edge.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Alistair McGowan (Impressionist)
    , Edward Elgar (Composer)
    , Lord Nuffield (Business)

  • Population: 98,768

    • About Worcester

      A stone’s throw south of the River Severn, the rolling hills of the gorgeous countryside is punctuated by the little city of Worcester.

      No stranger to compliments themselves, the pretty streets of Worcester are home to the iconic cathedral, some intriguing historic architecture and one of the fastest growing universities in the country. 

      The University of Worcester is the only higher education institution in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire counties, giving it an unrivalled position to get regional industry and business involved. These links (particularly with firms in the creative, education and health sectors) have boosted the uni’s reputation, and applications for places at Worcester have soared. 

      Accommodation is based around three on campus halls of residence and several off-campus sites, with Sansome Hall complex a mere 30 minute leg stretch away. The main campus is set amongst parkland, helping to give the student village the friendly spirit the name suggests. With the growth in applicants the uni has seen millions invested. As we all know uni isn’t just about academia, and Worcester is not a bad place to spend three years worth of life and loan. 

      The city has a lively nightlife for a city this size, but it might be a bit limited for some tastes. Like many unis the SU bar is probably the place to be on a lot of nights, with the convenience of cheap booze and a short distance to stumbles home proving too tempting for many.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Worcester's 'Berrows Journal' claims to be the oldest continuous Newspaper in the world...

      • The Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire is a fruit and vegetable paradise growing plums and asparagus in abundance

      • Legend has it the people of Worcester were once subjected to a torrent of crabs and molluscs raining down on to the city!