The Ancient Capital of England

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Christopher Cazenove (Actor)
    Lucy Pinder (Model)
    Philippa Forrester (Presenter)

  • Population: 116,595

    • About Winchester

      Overlooking one of the most attractive cathedral cities found anywhere in the country, the University of Winchester has proved an academic hit since receiving full university colours in 2005.

      Getting nominated in its first year for the THES University of the Year award was as good a start as any, and despite a slight drop from these delirious heights, the uni has an impressive standing. Particularly known for teaching (with about a third of the student body studying in this area), the uni has a tradition in education since it began as the King Alfred College in the 19th century, and has remained on the King Alfred campus ever since 1862... Giving students the disappointing realisation that no matter how mad their party was, there’s likely to have been a bigger and better one on the same site many moons ago. 

      With the cathedral dominating the city, the pretty streets has plenty of traditional and entertaining pubs to offer, but come closing time there are not many options for the night owl. Luckily, the SU here are happy to fill the gap in local entertainment, hosting plenty of club nights and events to keep everyone happy. 

      The uni campus is one of the friendlier sites you’ll find, although the ‘everyone-knows-everyone’ atmosphere can make for some awkward situations over the breakfast table!

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      Interesting Facts

      • King Alfred once saved and rebuilt the city, and is buried somewhere in the area!

      • England's first public library was set up in Winchester in 1850

      • The English sport of cricket originated in Winchester