St Andrews

A true Scottish gem. Royalty & golf are just the top of the menu.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Hazel Irvine (Presenter)
    Susan Fleetwood (Actress)
    Nina Myskow (Media)

  • Population: 16,870

    • About St Andrews

      Scotland’s oldest university and probably its most famous, the University of St Andrews sits cosily amongst its namesake city on the stunning East coast of Scotland.

      Next to sandy beaches and rocky coastline, the uni stands out as one of the most respected institutions in the world, regularly commanding a top ten spot in UK university league tables. 

      St Andrews is relatively small, despite its city status and fame for golfing, and the student and staff population from the uni makes up almost half of the feet on the street. Luckily, it’s a friendly mix and there’s very little anxiety or aggro between locals and students. There’s a huge amount of pubs for the size of the place, happily taking the tourist dollar but most St Andrews students are wise to the deals and discounts on offer to them. 

      Cost of living here is higher than other places this far north, but still far more affordable than its learned rivals in Oxford and Cambridge. The SU make a big effort round here, hosting numerous black-tie balls and parties for the largely middle class student populace. The SU bar has one of the latest licenses around, and the only hardcore ‘clubbing’ around here is found on the famous fairway and putting green rather than any sweaty nightspot.

      In 1413 Pope Benedict XIII said: Considering also the peace and quietness which flourish in the said city of St Andrews and its neighbourhood, its abundant supply of victuals, the number of its hospices and other conveniences for students, which it is known to possess, we are led to hope that this city, which the dIvine bounty has enriched with so many gifts, may become the fountain of science.

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      Interesting Facts

      • St Andrews is Scotland’s first university and the third oldest in the English speaking world

      • There is no traditional University ‘campus’ - instead, University buildings are part of the town’s landscape; centres for mediaeval learning sit side by side with the local fishmonger

      • St Andrews is seen as the home of golf!