Working class roots and modern day glamour

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Ryan Giggs (Footballer)
    Laurence Stephen Lowry (Artist)
    Peter Hook (Musician)

  • Population: 218,000

    • About Salford

      Although Salford lives next door to one of the best cities in the UK, Salford is a city in its own right! and will always try to keep Manchester on it's toes as a modern and transformed version of it's industrial revolution roots. 

      Once row upon row of terrace housing, Salford is now home to more modernist developments and green space. Salford Quays for example was testament to this surge in regeneration and is home to the superb arts and theatre complex, The Lowry Centre. Here you can immerse yourself in the arts, theatre, fine dining, cinema and shopping. MediaCityUK is another amazing addition to Salford's waterfront and would energise any media undergrad! The facility is home to the BBC and ITV productions and has attracted a surge in young professionals to the area, adding to Salford's diversity and energy. 

      The energy, passion and friendliness of the people of Salford is exactly what you would expect from northern hospitality. The BBC docudrama 'Class of 92' detailed the passionate struggle of the local team, Salford City FC with some help from a few select Manchester United legends. It portrays everything you can expect from the people of Salford as a student studying here! Northern soul, working class humour and forward thinking determination. 

      Its a quick bus ride to the Trafford centre perhaps the single best-known and most iconic retail and leisure centre in the UK, with skiing, restaurants, cinemas and much more.

      However back to Salford, the University campus is everything you'd expect from a modern University and is both vibrant and inspiring. Chapman Square has been transformed into a welcoming and exciting area for both students and the community and with the addition of the new Adelphi building makes for a fantastic first and lasting impression. 

      As a student it would be hard not to enjoy what's on offer here, from the exciting and modern campus to the adventures and opportunities that await out on the Quays, or in neighbouring Manchester.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Salfords Media City is the largest media hub in Europe...

      • Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot was supposedly planned in Salford’s Ordsall Hall..

      • Salford has a history of human activity stretching back to the Neolithic age....