Rotterdam Is ...Certainly Not Pickled

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Robin van Persie (Footballer)
    Iekeliene Stange (Model)
    Andre J. E. Sam-Sin - DJ SUN (DJ & record producer)

  • Population: 629,606

    • About Rotterdam

      Rotterdam is a vibrant city where getting bored is not an option. It’s inhabitants enjoy its energetic and multicultural outlook, as well as benefit from its advanced public transport system that can take you to other major cities in the Netherlands in less than an hour.  

      Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and has Europe’s largest port. With its maze of rivers, canals and a great network of cycle lanes. 

      There are so many things to do in this youthful, dynamic and international city that it really is the perfect place to study, one that is lively all year round.  Culture, music, cinemas, theatre, festivals can be seen wherever you turn. One of the reasons it’s becoming so popular is it's down to earth attitude and strong work ethic.  

      During the Second World War, Rotterdam was practically obliterated and yet it has re-emerged as a dynamic, bustling city, one that hosts many festivals, embraces modern culture and architecture and welcomes internationals, working professionals, as well as having big expat and student communities. 

      Rotterdam is praised for its world famous and innovative architecture, a wonderful patchwork of different bold designs and high-rise buildings

      If you’re looking for great places to eat, drink or socialise, there are numerous restaurants, shops, cafes and nightclubs to suit everybody.  Whether it’s to sample home-crafted ales, join in the hip clubbing scene, or chill out in one of the many laid-back cafes throughout the city, there’s plenty of choice. Nightlife in Rotterdam is fuelled by creativity – think live music, casual venues, chic cocktail bars, delicious and trendy restaurants. There are also various food markets to explore.  

      Rotterdam also boasts renowned museums and a world-class art gallery which houses a vast collection of paintings by old masters to contemporary works.  Additionally, there is a public art trail, where you don’t have to spend money to see artworks by world-renowned artists!Like the rest of the Netherlands, something you’ll notice quickly is that cycling in Rotterdam is very much a way of life – it’s not just a quick, cheap and practical form of transport – although that helps too and is a great way to burn off all the great food and drink you’ve enjoyed! 

      Rotterdam is a modern and unique city – it is filled with people who are full of energy and innovation and with its inspiring environment, it is the perfect backdrop for student life. It is, in many ways, a big and small city at the same time – and one that you will fall in love with.  

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      Interesting Facts

      • The Port of Rotterdam is the 2nd largest in the world in relation to size and tonnage.

      • Rotterdam is also known as the City of Architecture.

      • The name Rotterdam is quite simply derived from a dam built on the river Rotte.