In the heart of commuter land, student life will show you the way.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Ricky Gervais (Actor/Writer)
    , Kate Middleton (Royal)
    Kate Winslet (Actress)

  • Population: 155,698

    • About Reading

      Enjoying a world class reputation in research and teaching, the University of Reading resides in the heart of commuter land, close enough to London to have the roads jammed every morning and evening.

      Thankfully, this rarely affects the students here, who live and study at one of the top 200 rated universities in the world. Reading town centre is not as bad as some make out but won’t be winning any awards for beauty, but luckily the main campus and accommodation is situated two miles away in attractive parkland. 

      The town has the perks of an affluent population but lacks the community feeling of a normal town. Thankfully the SU do there best at creating a friendly, welcoming presence for new students and boasts a good selection of bars, shops, eateries and one of the best student nightclub/venues going. 

      Unusually, the uni can include a 2,000 acre working farm in its academic arsenal – and unlike many institutions across the world boasts fully functioning cow-milking apparatus on their current shopping list.

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      Interesting Facts

      • The one and only Jane Austin went to school in Reading!

      • Reading shares its spelling - but importantly not its pronunciation - with a skill that goes hand in hand with writing. Some people may confuse this.

      • The uni has its own working farm and cow milking plant!