Scotland's largest town, stepped in history and pride, Paisley offers an a true Scottish experience.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Gerard Butler (Actor) Steven Moffat (Writer) Paolo Nutini (Musician)

  • Population: 174,908

    • About Paisley

      Forming part of the collective University of the West of Scotland, the Paisley campus is the closest to the centre of Glasgow, occupying over 20 acres in lecture halls, accommodation, Student Union and library.

      As Scotland’s largest town and a history in weaving and thread industries (ah, so that’s where the Paisley pattern got its name) Paisley offers courses ranging from engineering to midwifery. The Engineering and Science Schools have both received prestigious awards, and work by Forensic Science undergraduates has helped highlight errors in a murder prosecution, resulting in the convicted being freed. 

      Students love the fancy £5 million SU buildings, incorporating all the coffee-drinking, snacking, boozing and facebook-surfing you could need in its many facilities. Paisley is a lively, friendly town, though many find the lure of Glasgow’s superior bar hopping and club nights too much to resist.

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      • City Centre
      • The University of the West of Scotland

      Student Accomodation in Paisley

        • 0.7 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £91.00 p/w

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      Interesting Facts

      • Paisley is Scotland's largest town!

      • The famous paisley pattern takes its name from the town's textile industry

      • Forensic students in Paisley recently helped free a woman from prison after highlighting flaws in the forensic processes used in the case!