• Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Franz Beckenbauer (Footballer and Manager)
    Richard Strauss (Composer)
    Tracey E. Bregman (Actress)

  • Population: 1,407,000.

    • About Munich


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      Points of Interest

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      Interesting Facts

      • The local name for Munich is "Minga" although the proper high German name is München

      • An interesting fact for beer lovers everywhere is that there are six major breweries in Munich: Augustiner Bräu, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr Bräu, Spaten-Franziskaner Bräu, and Paulaner Brauerei.

      • World’s Largest Beer Festival – Oktoberfest is visited by more than 7 million people annually. In an area as large as 50 football fields, over 1,532,197 gallons of beer are served.