The University of Limerick; academic life by the river

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Terry Wogan (Presenter)
    Keith Earls (Rugby)
    Richard Harris (Actor)

  • Population: 56,779

    • About Limerick

      Born in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education Limerick, the University of Limerick got its full university colours (we like to imagine the ceremony as a hand shake, certificate and an encouraging pat on the back – a 'now go get ‘em tiger' sort of thing) in 1989.

      The uni is based in the National Technological Park at Plassey, on the banks of the River Shannon, and only a couple of miles north of Limerick city centre. Sharing the gorgeous park with over seventy other organisations, the uni has fantastic links with these businesses and the university has fostered healthy relationships with most. Many help in teaching and areas of research, and this goes towards the decent reputation the uni has built. 

      Graduates benefit greatly from the institution’s commitment to work experience, with every undergrad student going through their programme of ‘cooperative education’. Almost 1,700 employers work with the uni in the programme, with over 30% of work placements sending students overseas – result! The uni’s concert hall is pretty much the cultural centre for Limerick and the region, and the 50 metre swimming pool is the first of its kind in Ireland. 

      The city itself boasts medieval and Georgian architecture, and a mix of shops, bars and restaurants. 

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      Interesting Facts

      • Limerick was founded by the Vikings in 812

      • The University of Limerick has the longest footbridge in Europe

      • In 1963 JFK visited Limerick and gave a speech at the Racecourse.