Is Leeds the definitive student city?

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Chris Moyles (DJ)
    Jeremy Paxman (Presenter)
    Ernie Wise (Comedian)

  • Population: 751,485

    • About Leeds

      Apologies if this sounds like something of a Leeds love in; but this writer is a big, big fan of Leeds, and I don’t mean the faltering excuse for a football team.

      As a city, Leeds is one of the few cities in the UK that can genuinely offer pretty much everything you want. Exciting, progressive and cool? Check, check and thrice check. Friendly, affordable and - did we mention cool? Check, check and... You get the idea...Anyway, studying in Leeds you have a few options, with the massive University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett educating the majority of the 100,000 plus students that call Leeds home. 

      Both universities have excellent reputations for research and in the real world, so graduates find a lot of worth in studying here. Apparently the UK’s fastest growing city, Leeds has a head for business as well as pleasure and the massive investment and regeneration has seen Leeds become the most important city outside London in a number of creative and professional industries. 

      When it comes to entertainment, Leeds is a rival for anywhere. The home-grown Leeds music scene has an emerging pedigree and gig-wise the best bands from across the world play its many venues; whilst pretty much every culinary taste is catered for in the masses of restaurants and eateries dedicated to the latest ‘foodie’ flavours and trends. 

      Clubbing in Leeds rarely stops and hardcore revellers are frequently spotted wandering the streets shocked at how bright direct sunlight really is. With trendy bars, clubs that make major DJ names - never mind host them, and the famed Otley run/Headingley scene particularly bringing in the students, Leeds is a city that promises much...and delivers.

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      • Leeds Beckett University
      • The University of Leeds
      • Leeds Trinity University


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      Interesting Facts

      • The Leeds Carnival, which started in 1967, is the oldest Caribbean carnival in Europe

      • Leeds uni claims the longest bar in Europe!

      • University Challenge host and political journalist Jeremy Paxman is one of Leeds' famous sons...