Wars, witches and cocktails pitchers; Lancaster is a great mix of student life and historic strife

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Jim Bowen (Comedian/Presenter)
    Richard Own (Biologist)
    James Beattie (Footballer)

  • Population: 138,375

    • About Lancaster

      The centre of Lancaster is mostly pedestrianised with some gorgeous architecture and Georgian stonework.

      One of the reasons Lancaster was chosen as the site of the uni was the attractive, peaceful setting steeped in culture, and most students today come with an enthusiastic commitment to study first and foremost. While this means you’ll struggle to find many to help you prop up the discounted bars all day and night, the enthusiasm is infectious and with the standard of teaching here the majority of students thrive. 

      The University, which opened its doors to students in 1964, is based on a collegiate system, in which every student is a member of one of the eight undergraduate and one postgraduate colleges. The colleges have a healthy sense of rivalry – meaning competition (particularly of the sporting kind) is rife. 

      The uni has an excellent reputation, and sits a short bus ride from the centre of the attractive tourist haven of Lancaster. From the days even before the War of the Roses, Lancaster has a rich history and the age-old rivalry with York is still played out in the annual Roses tournament.

      Points of Interest

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      • City Centre
      • The University of Cumbria
      • The University of Lancaster


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      Interesting Facts

      • As many will know from primary school history, Lancaster has a long running feud with Yorkshire ever since the War of the Roses

      • Lancaster Castle was used to imprison and try accused witches!

      • In Lancaster's Golden Lion pub, those sentenced to be hanged used to be given their final drink!