Inver-Nessie...Highlands, monsters and students

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Elspet Gray (Actress)
    Murdo Paterson (Railway Engineer)
    Charles Kennedy (Politician)

  • Population: 232,132

    • About Inverness

      The Highlands of Scotland are a unique place.With mountains, moorland and mythical Loch monsters (sorry to all you believers), the Highlands and islands that make up the furthest north of Scotland are sparsely populated. 

      Inverness, as the so-called ‘capital’ of the Highlands and the biggest population this far north, offers students an extraordinary variety of natural and cultural wonder. The famous Loch Ness is a short trip away where many waste hours hoping for a glimpse of the infamous water-dwelling beast, and with significantly higher chance of success you can go dolphin spotting on the Moray Firth. Inverness was given city status in 2000, and the centre is a hive of activity amidst the sparse northern lands. 

      The city is reportedly one of the fasted growing cities in Europe. There is a theatre and plenty of cultural spots with history at the fore, and as much a nightlife as the community can muster, although it is not a place to live if you’re going to miss big city living.

      Points of Interest

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      • City Centre
      • University of the Highlands and Islands


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      Interesting Facts

      • Inverness is the capital of the Highlands

      • Inverness was only given city status as recent as 2000, another reason to celebrate that year!

      • Nearby you can go monster spotting at the infamous Loch Ness