The small city with a huge heart. Enjoy the natural beauty in Tasmania's capital.

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Ricky Ponting (Cricketer)
    Errol Flynn (Actor)

  • Population: 209,254

    • About Hobart

      As the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is a truly wonderful city, from beautiful waterfronts and old historic buildings to the natural beauty and green spaces. 

      Horbart is situated on the estuary of the Derwin River and is noted for its culture, energy and lifestyle. The nightlife in Horbart is typical for your modern Australian city with a mix of trendy bars and friendly ‘boozers’. 

      North Hobart is a favourite student haunt and with its diverse range of clubs and will cater for most tastes. The water front district is also a popular area with bars, restaurants and bustling night clubs. As with many Australian cities festivals feature highly in the annual calendar and Hobart is no exception. 

      Hobart hosts The Museum of Old and New Art’s Festival of Music and Art (MOFO) in Summer and the winter equivalent- Dark MOFO in June. As for eating out, Hobart is right up there with the best cities in OZ and was voted Seventh best City for Visitors by Lonely Planet and it is fair to say that the cuisine played a significant part in securing this award. 

      The cuisine is very multicultural and varied from enjoying brunch in Salamanca Square to a classic Ozzy burger at Sandy Bay. Well known for its locally sourced and independent markets, Hobart's Salamanca market is a weekly must and here you will find everything from locally grown Apple Cider and produce to arts and craft and homeware. 

      For a more contemporary shopping experience students should head to Salamanca Street, the beautiful old warehouses make a great setting for high street stores and independent retailers. Recreationally Hobart has an active heartbeat and sport features highly. From the Horbart Hurricanes Cricket team to Australian Rules Football there is plenty to satisfy all sports fan and active people alike in Hobart. 

      However whatever your activity level in true Australian style its encouraged to get out and be active, explore by foot or bike from the green spaces and parks to the docks and floating Brooke Street Pier. 

       New experiences, friends and opportunities await in this friendly and youthful city. No matter what your tastes, they'll be something for you in this warm and welcoming city.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia.

      • Hobart is the second-driest capital city in Australia

      • Hobart was first established as a penal colony for British convicts