High Wycombe

Furniture capital turned commuter central, High Wycombe's student living exposed

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    James Corden (Actor)
    Jimmy Carr (Comedian)
    Heston Blumenthal (Chef)

  • Population: 120,256

    • About High Wycombe

      Historically a market town but now a largely a commuter hot spot, High Wycombe sits in Buckinghamshire amidst the natural beauty of the Chiltern hills.

      The market keeps on going, but today it’s the suited professionals that line the M40 and railway platform that (maybe unfairly) define the town. Home to Buckingham New University (despite Buckingham town being miles away), High Wycombe is the main base. It’s a small, fairly quiet town, with students having to rely on themselves (and the SU) to find entertainment. 

      There are some nice pubs, trendier bars for the students with more pounds than pennies in pocket and a couple of clubs that offer student nights and deals, but in reality students don’t choose the uni for the nightlife. The university publicly funded and is proud to offer higher education opportunities to people from all backgrounds.

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      • City Centre
      • Bucks New University


      Student Accomodation in High Wycombe

        • 0.3 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £144.00 p/w

        • 0.1 miles from centre

          Student House

          Prices from £206.00 p/w

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      Interesting Facts

      • As recently as 1912 High Wycombe was known as Chipping Wycombe, which sounds a lot more fun

      • High Wycombe was once the furniture capital of England - so either they were good at making it or had a lot of spare seats at parties

      • In a great tradition, the town weighs the mayor every year to make sure they aren't getting fat off of the residents' taxes!