Presidents and poets; student living in the Irish 'capital of culture'

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Peter O'Toole (Actor)
    Liam O’Flaherty (Novelist)

  • Population: 75,529

    • About Galway

      In the western regions of Ireland, Galway stands out as something of a hot spot. Sometimes tagged the Irish ‘capital of culture’ (though Dubliners might disagree!), a number of writers and artists call Galway home and there is a booming artistic community. 

      Host to the Galway Races and one of the best performing arts in Europe, the local Galwegians are used to welcoming visitors and the students find similar levels of hospitality. The National University of Ireland, (NUI) Galway has over 150 years history in the business of education. 

      From its beginnings as the Queen’s College Galway with 64 privileged students in 1849, it has grown (particularly in recent decades) and now enrols around 17,000 students a year. Regarded as one of Ireland’s leading centres of academia, NUI Galway and its seven faculties cover a breadth of subjects and one of the biggest higher education establishments in Ireland. 

      The city is one of the largest in Ireland, and has nightlife to back it up. Galway’s arty feel has given rise to a number of trendy spots for drinking and good-natured misdemeanour, and there is a bustling pub and restaurant scene to sample. Music and performance venues cater for the enthusiastic crowd of actors, actresses and wannabe rock stars... meaning there’s always something new to entertain the undergrads.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Galway has been a city for over 500 years, and this area of Ireland has been inhabited for thousands of years!

      • Galway is known as the 'capital of the west' - and is a centre of culture, the arts and business in West Ireland

      • The Galway Races are the most anticipated racing event in Ireland