Morning dips and seaside trips, living the good student life in Falmouth

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Madonna (Singer, Song Writer, Actress)
    Charles Napier Hemy (Artist)

  • Population: 22,686

    • About Falmouth

      There are not many places in the UK where students have a dip in the sea before morning lectures. Nor are there many universities in the UK which earned top grades in teaching Art and Design for both under and postgraduates. 

      Only one in fact, and that place is Falmouth University. Based in Falmouth and nearby Penryn, the University College Falmouth is hugely respected in creative studies. The uni is seen as a leading specialist institution with a reputation for artistic excellence across its creative subject range. As you would expect, the student population has a strong bias to the arty sort, and this has led to a booming creative industry way down here in Cornwall. 

      The Falmouth site is shared with the University of Exeter students, so there is a good enough mix of people to keep the place varied. It’s a small college in a small town, but there are a few clubs on offer and plenty of charismatic old pubs and the trendy bars bohemian crowds demand. Whilst the nightlife is never going to be explosive, student parties keep the social life going and with a beach nearby there’s ample opportunity for surfing, swimming and all the benefits a beach bum could ever want.

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      Interesting Facts

      • The campus is so close to the sea many students go for a dip before lectures!

      • The town's Greenbank Hotel is featured in the famous 'Wind in the Willows' stories

      • The 'Queen's Pipe' chimney by the quayside was used by customs officials to burn contraband tobacco smuggled in!