Vodka and the Volcano: Dundee has a few surprises up its sleeve for student living

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    KT Tunstall (Musician)
    George Galloway (Politician, broadcaster, and writer)
    Mrs Keiller (Inventor of marmalade)

  • Population: 147,268

    • About Dundee

      High in the northern reaches of Scotland Dundee sits gathered around the Firth of Tay, surrounded by Scottish highlands.

      Two universities call the town home, with the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay vying for educational bragging rights. Both universities have seen plenty of investment, in fact there must be something in the air up there as most of the city seems to have been recipients of an upgrade thanks of Dundee’s civil service. 

      The University of Dundee is highly rated in numerous fields including medicine – and boasts award winning student union facilities and club complex. 

      The University of Abertay is no stranger to acclaim and is seen as a front runner in new fields of study – recently creating a new course in Ethical Hacking, has a world reputation in Computing and can boast the creator or multi-million selling computer game, Grand Theft Auto, David Jones, amongst notable alumni. 

      Dundee itself has views of the Tay to stop you in your tracks, though its isolation might get to out-of-towners on occasion. There are a handful of museums to keep the populace interested, and a good few clubs to keep people out of bed into the wee hours. 

      The music scene has seen a lot of coverage with the success of local band ‘The View’, giving Dundee students the right to be smug around their southern peers.

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      • The University of Dundee


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      Interesting Facts

      • Dundee's motto is 'City of Discovery' - and was the home port for the RRS Discovery that took Captain Robert Scott to the 'chilly' Antarctic

      • The hill Dundee is built around is actually a dormant volcano!

      • Arbikie made in Dundee, was named as one of the Best Vodka’s in the world by GQ Magazine