The City of Orange: Once a royal destination transformed to a student hive

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Martinus Beijerinck (Microbiologist and discoverer of viruses)
    Jan Timman (Chess Grandmaster)
    Vincent de Moor (Music Producer, remixer Trance)

  • Population: 101,034

    • About Delft

      Holding a grand association with the royal family, this is a city overflowing with heritage and secrets. Delft, located in the south of the Netherlands, is an important cog in the history of the country with the Prinsenhof Museum still containing bullet holes from the assassination of Prince William of Orange way back in 1584.

       As the founding place of the Netherlands, Delft is a quaint city which has retained its historic feel. The centre contains a plethora of artisan cafes and restaurants for locals and tourists, giving it a charmingly busy atmosphere. The beauty of living in Delft is the close proximity of other exciting cities in the Netherlands, meaning a new adventure is just a train journey away.

       Famous for Delftware, or Delft Blue, the city has been producing distinctive blue and white pottery since the 17th century. Delft fastly became one of the main pottery producers in Europe, with 33 factories in the city working to meet the high demand. Although the Delft Blue designs may not be as popular today, there is still one remaining factory in the city, named Royal Delft.

      The city has transformed itself into a central hub for students. Visiting traditional pubs around the Markt square or meeting friends in the Beestenmarkt, the local spot for Dutch residents, are typical nights out for the students of Delft, this may or may not because of the slightly sparse number of clubs located in the city...

       Delft University of Technology excels in STEM subjects and extends over 161 hectares. As one of the world’s largest campuses, the university hosts over 19,000 students and is home to many restaurants, a botanical garden and even a flight simulator. Described as the best technology university in the Netherlands, this prestigious institute attracts students from all over the globe.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Delft began as a small village in the middle ages and received its charter from the royal family in the 13th century.

      • Delft is famous as the home of the famous blue and white Delftware tiles that have been sold around the world.

      • The painter Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) was born in Delft.