Send in the cavalry; a guide to where's hot and where's not for student survival in Colchester!

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Damon Albarn (Musician)
    Darren Day (Actor)
    William Hale (Rocket Science)

  • Population: 173,074

    • About Colchester

      As a county Essex may have a chequered reputation but the university namesake has been regularly voted amongst the top ten around.

      The University of Essex, has a base a short stumble from Colchester town centre, with one of the most diverse ranges of student nationalities in the UK, it boasts a friendly, supportive community between student peers. Colchester itself is a bustling town and is recognised as the oldest town in the UK, and holds the unlikely title as Britain’s first capital city! 

      Once destroyed by British natives angry at the ruling Roman Empire, Colchester at the weekend has more than its fair share of 21st century fighting – with visiting squaddies from the surrounding military bases keeping up the tradition. 

      As a result of this, the student population tend to stick together in student-friendly bars and clubs -avoiding the Saturday night clash of drunken soldiers and Essex nightlife. The campus offers bars and on site activities – including a popular theatre – and students can enjoy the variety of cinemas, restaurants and galleries springing up around Colchester’s centre.

      Points of Interest

      Map Key

      • City Centre
      • The University of Essex
      • Anglia Ruskin University


      Student Accomodation in Colchester

        • 2.2 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £107.00 p/w

        • 0.2 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £155.00 p/w

        • 1.9 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £166.00 p/w

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      Interesting Facts

      • Colchester is the oldest town on record in England...and was the first ever capital of the country!

      • Some historians believe Colchester could be the site of the mythical Camelot (rather than all the other places that make the claim)

      • Colchester is one of the major bases for the British Army!