Windsurfing and War heroes; the unseen side of Chichester and academic life

  • Notable Residents

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    Hugh Dennis (Comedian)
    Charlotte Hawkins (News Presenter)
    Tom Odell (Musician)

  • Population: 113,794

    • About Chichester

      Despite only recently getting its full ‘University of’ credentials, the institution in Chichester has a history that traces back to 1839.

      Back in the late 1830s the Bishop of the area William Otter must have been a popular character because after his death a college for training schoolmasters was established in his honour. Within a decade the Bishop Otter College was formally named, and this makes up the heart of the main Chichester campus today. 

      The University of Chichester has kept to these roots and a high proportion of students are undertaking teacher training today, with sports related courses making up a large portion of the remaining student body. The sporting staff here helped the 2012 Olympic sailing team’s training and preparations.

       The University is split over two campuses in resort town Bognor Regis and Chichester, with a free bus ferrying students between the two. Both towns offer enough social life to keep students entertained, but a lack of genuine clubbing means many take the hour trip to Brighton for all nighters. 

      Despite this, the uni and the SU work hard to keep students smiling and they do it well. With a history that includes bans on male students and hosting RAF personnel for the D-Day landings, the University of Chichester offers a lot more than its calm, friendly setting suggests.

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      Interesting Facts

      • The uni campus was used during World War II, and servicemen based here played a key role in the D Day landings!

      • The harbour is the only harbour in the country to fall within an officially deemed area of 'outstanding natural beauty'!

      • Windsurfing was invented in Chichester!