Cumbrian delight: A guide to student living in Carlisle

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Helen Skelton (Presenter)
    Eddie Stobart (Business)
    Melvyn Bragg (Media)

  • Population: 107,524

    • About Carlisle

      Far in the North Western reaches of England, barely a stone’s throw from the Scottish border sits the Carlisle campus of the newly crowned University of Cumbria.

      Formed in 2007 with the joining together of St Martin’s College, Cumbria Institute of the Arts and the Cumbria based campuses of the University of Central Lancashire. Divided between Carlisle, Penrith, Ambleside and Lancaster, the University of Cumbria fills the gap in dedicated higher education in one of the largest counties in the UK. 

      With an Arts school and a range of (largely vocational) undergraduate programmes, this young university boasts locations amongst some of the finest natural features the British Isles has to offer. Carlisle itself is a relaxed city with plenty of charm. 

      Winding alleys conceal shops and boutiques, with a pedestrianised friendly centre. There’s no lack of night time entertainment with student friendly pubs and clubs, with various gig venues to satisfy any demanding music critics. The Student Union offers probably the most popular nights, with cheap deals and debauchery for the experimental student crowd.

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      Interesting Facts

      • Carlisle is the most northerly English City and has the largest land area...But the smallest population!

      • The city's history is littered with conflict - with everyone from Braveheart to the Vikings attacking the city!

      • Carlisle is only a stone's throw from Hadrian's Wall - the Roman built stonewall to keep out the ancient inhabitants of Scotland