A city of swooning poets & weeping willows, appealing to the heart as much as the head

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Richard Attenborough (Film Director)
    David Gilmour (Musician)
    Jeremy Irvine (Radio Presentor)

  • Population: 148,755

    • About Cambridge

      Cambridge is a gorgeous small city on the edge of East Anglia, surrounded by rolling Fenlands. Split by the rolling River Cam, the centre is dominated by historic buildings, many of which belong to the university and are used in teaching and accommodation. 

      Around town the shops take advantage of the visitors packing the streets with delightfully creative tourism tat, but the backstreets hold a wealth of independent stores and shops for all the students needs. London is close enough to make up for the limited clubbing scene, and the mixture of historic pubs and trendy bars more than cater for student living. 

      A university that needs no introduction, the University of Cambridge is one of the leading universities in the world.

      Famously vying with Oxford to be at the head of academia (and fastest down the Thames), Cambridge and its students have been pioneers in education and knowledge for hundreds of years. As one would expect of a leading intellectual institution, it’s not easy to get into. With the uni effectively split into 31 affiliated ‘colleges’, the prestigious reputations of some of the older colleges means the newer ones have slightly fewer applicants, but places are still strongly competed across the range.

      Points of Interest

      Map Key

      • City Centre
      • The University of Cambridge
      • Anglia Ruskin University


      Student Accomodation in Cambridge

        • 1.4 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £135.82 p/w

        • CB1

          2.2 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £171.00 p/w

        • 1.3 miles from centre

          Student Halls

        • 1.4 miles from centre

          Student Halls

          Prices from £161.00 p/w

        • 0.8 miles from centre

          Student House

          Prices from £167.00 p/w

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      Interesting Facts

      • The famous Boat Race with academic rivals Oxford first began in 1839, after students were encouraged to get involved in more social and sporting activities

      • Cambridge is where the atom was first split

      • In Cambridge Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution and Newton developed his theory of gravity