Industry and academia: The Bradford Uni experience is a very northern affair

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    David Hockney (Artist)
    Edward Appleton (Physicist)
    Dynamo (Magican)

  • Population: 522,452

    • About Bradford

      Despite being one of the UK’s largest cities and the former wool capital of the world, Bradford comes in for a lot of stick.

      The city’s illustrious past during the industrial revolution lends the city to the unfortunate typical gritty, Northern city stereotype, but this is to ignore much of what 21st century Bradford has to offer. 

      The city (and the university itself) provides one of the most ethnically diverse populations, meaning a great range of cuisine and culture for those who go looking. Tensions in the community seem to be firmly in the past, and students describe the city as a laid back, friendly place of study. 

      On the edge of the Pennine moors and only 15 miles from the famed Dales, Bradford has a Yorkshire heart and soul. With the ‘trendier’ cities of Leeds and Manchester nearby, students have a huge choice inside and out of Bradford for shopping and entertainment. 

      As for student living, Bradford is one of the cheapest places in the UK to live, drink and study. Entertainment-wise there’s plenty of choice in bars, restaurants and particularly curry houses, with Bradford’s eateries offering some of the finest (and hottest!) curry available right into the early hours!

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      Interesting Facts

      • Bradford was a boom-town of the industrial revolution and often considered to be the epicentre of the global industrial revolution

      • Bradford has in recent years been named the country's Curry Capital!

      • The amazing magician Dynamo & The iconic artist David Hockney are both Bradford boys