Certainly one of the greenest & perhaps the coolest capital in Europe...

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Marlene Dietrich (Actress & Singer)
    Bibi Bourelly (Singer)
    Dominic Monaghan (Actor)

  • Population: 3,650,000

    • About Berlin

      Berlin is repeatedly counted amongst the worlds most liveable cities, and is recognised as one of the greenest capitals in Europe with more parks, gardens and forested areas than any other European city. One-third of Berlin is covered in lush forests, quaint parks and gardens, rivers, canals and lakes. 

      Berlin is split into 12 urban districts, each of them has its own history and many have different cultural backgrounds. Approximately one million “Berliners” live in the greater Berlin area, known as the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region.

      Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Berlin's Museum Island is a unique ensemble of five museums which are unsurpassed in terms of diversity and stature, the Island is located in the centre of the city.

      Germany boasts one of the best educational systems in the world. A degree from German university will be acknowledged all over the world, as is the experience of studying in a strong industrial nation such as Germany.

      Berlin is home to three main universities:

      The Freie Universität Berlin offers study programs in humanity and social sciences, natural sciences, and medicine.

      The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin also covers humanity and social sciences as well as cultural sciences, medicine and agriculture.

      The Technische Universität Berlin has its focus on engineering and natural sciences but also offers programs in planning, humanity social sciences and economics.

      Affordable, buzzing, and truely cosmopolitan, Berlin is brimming with vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, amazing nightlife and fabulous food. 

      Points of Interest

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      • City Centre
      • The Freie Universitat Berlin
      • Humboldt University of Berlin
      • Technical University Berlin


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      Interesting Facts

      • Berlin has more bridges than Venice, around 1,700 of them

      • Berlin is certainly as 'Multikulti' as people say: there are just under 500,000 foreigners in the city who hail from 185 countries.

      • Every year the city spends €35 million on cleaning graffiti off its walls. Yet, like magic, the city’s distinctive paintwork always seems to reappear.