Bangor and Mash-ups: A guide to student life in Bangor

  • Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Sasha (DJ)
    Duffy (Singer)
    Cai Griffiths (Sportsman)

  • Population: 17,988

    • About Bangor

      So, what can the little city of Bangor offer for your education, your enjoyment, your life? Let’s get things clear, Bangor is not the place to come if the big city lights of London, Leeds or any other major populace are what you desire whilst you struggle, strive your way to first class honours in whichever degree you nail your flag to.

      Bangor, with a population creeping over 20,000 when the students are in town, is not the place to be if you desire the anonymity and independence living in a city of millions provides. In the scenic surroundings of crumbling castles and the towering peaks of Snowdonia, the university offers a close knit community spirit in which students flourish. This friendly vibe was recently rewarded with the uni ranked best in the UK for student help and support. This is not to say Bangor has nothing to offer the thrill seeker. 

      Bordered by mountains and the Irish Sea and with a thriving tourist industry, Bangor has enough activities, events, bars and clubs to keep students more than occupied. Interestingly, one of the world’s leading DJs, Sasha, calls Bangor his birthplace and former hometown. So whilst Bangor might not seem very ‘big time’, it’s the place to be for a big university experience.

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      Student Accomodation in Bangor

        • 0.2 miles from centre

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          Prices from £175.00 p/w

        • 0.4 miles from centre

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        • 0.4 miles from centre

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        • 0.3 miles from centre

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          Prices from £85.00 p/w

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      Interesting Facts

      • St Deiniol’s Cathedral, in the heart of Bangor is older than Canterbury cathedral and one of the oldest in Britain!

      • World famous DJ Sasha was born in Bangor!

      • The student population in Bangor make up roughly a third of the total population!