• Notable Residents

    (past & present)

    Johan Cruijff (Dutch football hero)
    John De Mol (Media tycoon)
    Anne Frank (German-born diarist)

  • Population: 833,624

    • About Amsterdam

      With the cost of education in the UK going higher annually, you might want to consider your options further afield. Are you looking for the perfect place to live, study or invest? Of course, it is not London, the recreational capital of Europe, but Amsterdam, which is recognized as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Amsterdam is a beautiful city where lots of opportunities and recreational activities abound. Here are some of the reasons why living in Amsterdam is a great choice

      Don’t be surprised. One of the reasons why Amsterdam is an amazing place to be for students is its budget friendliness. Living in Amsterdam is cheaper when compared to other bigger cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Paris. There’s absolutely no competition when it comes to the cost of studying. Netherland universities are highly ranked among the world’s best and for good reason. Most courses in Amsterdam universities are taught in English, so it will be much easier to fit into the academic system.

      The UK and the US citizens planning a visit to Amsterdam have nothing to worry about when it comes to communication. Though its official language is Dutch, most residents in Amsterdam speak English including vendors, tram drivers, security officials and kids. Amsterdam is renowned for being one of the most culturally diverse cities worldwide and as such any essential information is available in English. If you would like to learn Dutch, you can take up one of the Dutch classes for a small fee or even free. If you are planning on visiting anywhere outside the city, you will need a bit of Dutch except tourist areas

      Amsterdam, a beautiful and laid back city, is home to some of the most friendly people in Europe. The city is also home to gorgeous streets, incredible attractions and exhibits pleasant weather all year round. For culture enthusiast, Amsterdam has all it takes to satisfy you. Just like all other major cities, Amsterdam plays host to the countless number of festivals and events each year. Some of the most impressive festivals include ARTZUID, which brings house sized sculptures to the southern region of the city and the Amsterdam Light Festival, where canals close to Central Station are beautifully decorated with neon enigmas. Other recommended events include Canal Parade; Museumnacht where museums stay open all night long with live music performances; and the International Documentary Film Festival, the largest of its kind on the face of the planet. 

      The city has much more to offer in terms of attractions, culture, accommodation, shopping, dining etc. Adjusting to life as a first-time traveller in Amsterdam has never been easier, thanks to the fact that English is spoken nearly everywhere. Getting around is easy with its good transport network. All cities in the world have their own culture, and Amsterdam is no different. So, cultural adjustments in inevitable which make visiting Amsterdam a unique experience. 

      Some of the best areas to live are the Nine Streets, De Piip and De Joordan. Here you will find countless numbers of cafes, exotic restaurants, shops and stores. Of all these places, the cheapest area to live, shop and work is De Piip, which is located just outside the city centre. This area is one of the happening places in the city with plenty of activities. Other less expensive areas to live include Bos en Lommer and De Bassrsjes both with close proximity to the city centre. 

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      Interesting Facts

      • Amsterdam has more canals & bridges than Venice

      • There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam

      • Amsterdam residents are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world.